Quality Assurance


Eco Bags Internationals (EBI) is a quality-committed organization, and our aim is to offer the best quality range of jute products. Our highly experienced and professional quality controllers administer industry-specified quality tests using the latest tools and equipment on the entire range before approving for final delivery. The fancy jute bags offered by us are absolutely magnificent in looks and are crafted with the best quality materials. Eco Bags Internationals (EBI) also believes in educating and empowering customers so that they can identify good quality jute bags or any other Jute items when purchasing them. Eco Bags Internationals have made a data flow chart to explain how they maintain the quality standards of their bags.


Quality Check Workflow:

  • Raw Material Quality Check: Eco bags international delivers superior and premium quality bags. All the raw materials used are of the highest quality and are processed through a series of quality tests before commencing manufacturing.  
  • Cutting of the fabric: After passing the quality checks the fabric is then cut into the required number of pieces to produce the ordered quantity.
  • Embossing and Printing: The next stage is the printing and embossing stage, where the artwork given by the customer is printed or embossed on the cut fabrics. 
  • Stitching: The fabrics are then stitched to make the desired bag.  
  • Needle Check: Once stitched, All bags are passed through a needle checking test to check whether a sharp item, like a needle, will tear the bag or not.
  • Third-Party Quality check: If the bags pass the needle checking test, then they are sent to an independent agency to inspect the quality of each product. 
  • Final Internal Checking: Once the Third Party approves the quality of the produced bags, The bags then again pass through an internal checking before shipping to the client.
  • Packing and Shipment: Once the internal team approves the manufactured bags, they are properly packed and shipped to the customer by his chosen channel of shipment.