Care of your Jute

Care of your Jute:

Jute is a plant-based fiber that is spun in coarse, strong threads. This fiber is used to make Hessian or Burlap & Gunny Cloth. Jute Fabric is very resistant to dirt. So washing from outside is not needed. Careful maintenance can increase the lifecycle of jute bags.

How to wash jute fabric?

Don’t wash jute bags, if jute bags get wet, allow them to dry naturally. Jute is a delicate fabric and demands care while washing in order to keep using a lifetime.

Hand washing

Hand wash is recommended for small finished hessian or jute pieces. Wash with cold water, as warm water could shrink the textile. Use gentle liquid detergent for delicate textiles. Soak the cloth for only 5 minutes and slowly stir the fabric with your hands to make dirt disappear. Rinse well under cold running water. Twisting or squeezing the cloth may damage or distort the fabric. Place between 2 towels and Dry flat until the moisture has been soaked up.

Machine washing

Machine washes are rougher than hand washes, and it is best avoided. But if you still need to wash in the washing machine, set the machine to a delicate program with cold water using gentle liquid detergent, and let it dry for several hours. For the best results, iron when damp.

For stain removal 

Please do the spot cleaning in case of any marks, etc. Dip a sponge in ammonia and cold water solution and blot out any visible stains on the cloth. By its nature Jute is water absorbent and can be easily cleaned by using a soft damp cloth. If partial, wash only that part. Do not sink the whole bag. Do not use detergents or removers, otherwise, it may get discolored Important! To keep a jute bag dry important to keep using a lifetime it.