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About Eco Bags International

  • Our Company: We have a range of eco-friendly bags for your customer’s needs. We deliver a cost-effective solution for your bags. Our bags are made from Jute, Cotton, Organic cotton giving it a stunning look and utility. We have a comprehensive solution for eco-friendly bags.
  • Benefits of Using Jute: The cry for saving the environment from environmental degradation is very much audible from everywhere. To facilitate that need, the reduction of plastic and chemical use is the need of the hour. By switching to jute made bags, you extend your hand for the support of helping nature sustaining its exuberance and magnificence.
  • Stop Using Plastics: When you continuously use bags made from plastics and polythene, you contribute to environmental degradation as plastic is a major source of that. It is creating a threat to our existence. That is why you need to exterminate plastic from your life and switch to eco-friendly bags manufactured by Eco Bags International.

Care for the environment with Eco Bags International

The changing world is seeing a huge hue and cry about saving that very nature. Thus, more and more people are shifting their taste towards the use of canvas bags. That is why Eco Bags International is keen on bringing about a change in our ways of carrying things with innovations like juco bags. We indulge in making eco-friendly bags that help you carry things with style and in tune with nature. Let us join hands to make our tryst with saving the earth stronger with popularising the use of jute carry bags.

Bag the most eco-friendly bags:

Let us change the way we carry things and try out things like cotton shopping bags.These materials have been taking a rise along with us to make this world a better place for the generations to come. We make sure that you shift from those hideous plastic bags to jute shopping bags. Not from around the city? We can get your eco-friendly stylish bags to USA or Germany where ever you are. We are big in exporting our startling range of products across the globe- from Japan, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Denmark, to as far as the UK, Russia, USA, Canada, And France.

A plethora of fancy bags for you:

Our bags behave well and comply with the safety of nature. Eco Bags International brings to you a wide array of bags that are made from degradable materials like jute, canvas and cotton. With cotton being used intensely in the fashion industry, we thought of blending cotton with the need for bags.

  • For the beach days: Think of picking up cotton beach bags and head towards the beach. his way we want you to carry your style and keep the beach neat and clean too.

  • We intend to make your lives more fulfilling by bringing in an amazing collection of Canvas tote bags for women. We cannot compromise on the style factor, after all. To be a tad bit fancier, you can carry the grace of canvas tote bags on your shoulders!

  • We even have a solution for your unique needs. Let us present to you our collection ofcotton personalized bags

  • For the make-up lover in you, Eco Bags International has come up with the cutest collection of cotton pouch bags

With our range of cotton bags, your style game will be amped up! Talking of style, let us bring a little innovation to your bags with the introduction of drawstring jute bags- they are the new sexy!

The utility of Jute:

We have made sure to take a step forward to think for a moment to mend our ways with the use of jute bags. With a revolution in the fashion world, zipper jute bags have taken a ride around the hearts of the easy-going souls of today.

  • Every once in awhile, there comes a situation where you have to gift a fancy wine bottle to your friend. We suggest you opt for jute wine bags. They stylishly serve the purpose!

  • What better ways to convey to your patrons that you care for the nature that jute conference bags?

  • Think about it, with jute lunch bags from us, you can make a statement in your office canteen with grace

  • For a trip to the beach, you can switch your cotton bag with jute beach bags to bring about a little change.

  • The jute promotional bags from the house of Eco Bags International are a great way to promote your business and services in an eco-friendly way.

Putting up a design on jute bags makes them look fancier than ever. The floral jute bags give an aesthetic touch to your fashion sense. We even have an assortment of jute drawstring pouch for you to carry in your selection of eco-friendly bags!

Not only plastic, but some fancy bags have even encouraged the poaching of animals to use their skin to craft bags. With your honest patronage let us make the word stylishly aware of the environment!

New Collection

Top Quality Bags

Vegetable Cotton Grocery Bag
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Beautiful Fancy Jute Bag
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Printed Fancy Jute Bag
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Fancy Jute Bag
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Cotton Grocery Bag
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Simple Plain Jute Bag
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Plain Jute Bag
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Canvas Tote Bag for Women
Item Code : EBI0175
Navy Bottom Canvas Tote bag
Item Code : EBI0176
Canvas Tote Bag for Women
Item Code : EBI0177

Why Eco Bags International?

Reinstating Ecological Equilibrium on the Earth

  • Environment-Friendly: At Eco Bags International, we create bags which are environment-friendly. Once you start using our world-class manufactured bags, you will extend your arms for the support of sustaining the environment for the future generation.
  • Best Price: Eco Bags International is a place which has a transparent pricing policy. We never charge you extravagantly in the name of eco-friendly bags. Also, we don't compromise with the quality of these bags as well.
  • Cotton Bags: We give you bags made from pure cotton. At Eco Bags International, you organic bags which cause no harm to the environment and as a responsible citizen, you should embrace eco-friendly solution for your bags which will improve the living condition for the future generation.
  • Packaging: We, at, Eco Bags International, urge you to say no to plastics and embrace eco-friendly packaging solutions from us. You will find cost-effective solutions at Eco Bags International.
  • Fancy Bags: At Eco Bags International, you get a range of fancy bags which will make you go, wow! The brilliance of our craftsmanship will make grab our exclusive range of trendy and fancy bags. The elegant look of our bags will make you look more sophisticated.
  • Beach Bags: Now you don’t have to worry about taking stuff at the beach because our organic beach bags will help you to do so stupendously. The convenience our beach bags will bring to your life is just unimaginable.